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Adrienne is a multi-sport athlete. Having played softball since childhood and basketball in college and overseas in Japan. However, it was the rough and tumble sport of football that truly changed the course of her life.


Adrienne’s love for football began at the age of three when she used to tackle her teddy bear, Ginger, while watching football games on television with her parents. Over the years, Adrienne’s adoration for the sport continued to grow, and when she turned seven, her father bought her a Nerf football and taught her how to throw a perfect spiral. From that point on, Adrienne knew that despite being a girl, somehow, some way, football was going to be an important part of her life.


Fast forward to the present and Adrienne is now one of the most decorated female football players in the world, having achieved the following:


  • Two-time gold medalist with the U.S. Women’s National Tackle Football Team


  • Four-time WFA national champion with the Boston Renegades


  • Five-time member of the U.S. Women’s National Flag Football Team


In addition to these honors, Adrienne considers herself truly blessed to be in the sports history books for scoring the first-ever touchdown in the history of women’s international football, on a 52-yard catch during the 2010 Women’s World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden.


Adrienne is currently playing with the Boston Renegades (formerly the Boston Militia), and is looking forward to another successful season.
A Smith Militia DC catch night game

“People scoff when I say ballet is related to football, until I show them this picture. In sports and in business, I have learned to never discount the relationship between two seemingly disparate things. You never know how one might help you excel at the other.” – Adrienne Smith

Boston at DC 6.7.14_stiff arm

Adrienne seen here using a stiff-arm to break a tackle.